What you will get in this guide/EBOOK:

Guidance and Education for YOUR goals

  • Who am I? Welcome to the guide intro and breakdown

  • Cardio recommendations and guide for your goals

  • Supplement recommendations

  • 12 weeks of workouts, split changing every 3 weeks. 6 day splits for every week, recommendations of workouts for your goals.

  • At home workout options to try

  • MACROS and IIFYM breakdown, how to calculate your own macros, what are macros, what are the benefits of tracking macros

  • Carb cycling and reverse dieting breakdown

  • Meal and snack ideas/inspo for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Grocery list with macro and micronutrient recommendations

  • Bloating tips


This guide gives you a breakdown of counting macros, and instructions on how to calculate your own. If you are looking for individualized macro coaching by me, shoot me an email and I would happily help you with week to week coaching to do along with the guide, or a one time macronutrient consultation.

12 Week Body Blasting Guide