I am Sarah Strauss, Personal trainer and online fitness coach, and I help dedicated women build healthy habits that gets them real results!

I have a passion for helping others create a healthy lifestyle that makes them feel their best!

I am a business owner who loves to workout, share knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition and how to UP LEVEL your life with fitness. To me, building a healthy lifestyle is about helping people listen to their body, find their confidence and the fun in fitness!

My coaching and Guides are here to help you find your passion for fitness!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in the gym or experienced in what you do, you can find a routine that makes you feel challenged, healthy and confidence.

I believe Fitness should never feel like a chore and if you can understand what it takes to be dedicated, you can accomplish anything.



What you will get in this guide/EBOOK:

Guidance and Education for YOUR goals

  • Who am I? Welcome to the guide intro and breakdown

  • Cardio recommendations and guide for your goals

  • Supplement recommendations

  • 12 weeks of workouts, split changing every 3 weeks. 6 day splits for every week, recommendations of workouts for your goals.

  • At home workout options to try

  • MACROS and IIFYM breakdown, how to calculate your own macros, what are macros, what are the benefits of tracking macros

  • Carb cycling and reverse dieting breakdown

  • Meal and snack ideas/inspo for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Grocery list with macro and micronutrient recommendations

  • Bloating tips


This guide gives you a breakdown of counting macros, and instructions on how to calculate your own. If you are looking for individualized macro coaching by me, shoot me an email and I would happily help you with week to week coaching to do along with the guide, or a one time macronutrient consultation.

Find Your Fit: FREEBIE Workout Guide

Week of Workouts